Friday, January 18, 2013

"Seasons in Light" Lantern Making

                  For one of the projects that we worked on in class, we made paper cut lanterns. The theme was seasons, and it could be anything we wanted about that season. I chose winter because winter is my favorite season and I based it around New York city during Christmastime. My goal was to show the skyline and also show the tree in Rockefeller Center. 
                  When we first started this project I was excited, but also a little scared about doing the cuts with an exacto knife. It was intimidating, especially after we saw so man amazing cut paper designs. I practiced a lot before I started because it really does take some getting used to. It was a completely different kind of art that I had never approached. It wasn't easy, but I did realize when i was working on the project that I hadn't given myself enough credit. I got the hang of it and it was better than I expected. I also wanted to make my lantern a little different then just what I had planned. I ended up making it 3 sided, with a skyline on two and the tree on one. I decided I wanted to cut out spots for Christmas lights on the tree and fill them in with individually cut colored tissue paper. Since this wasn't something conventional, it took a little bit of experimenting and a lot of tedious work. After two class periods of cutting and gluing, I had finished the final touch on my lantern that set it apart. I greatly enjoyed the experience and, although there were certainly better lanterns than mine, I was happy with the final product.

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