Monday, November 5, 2012

Marking Period One-Reflection

            Overall, for the first marking period, I feel that I have improved more than I thought I ever could. Before this, I never considered myself to be an artist, but now that I am more familiar with artistic ways to express yourself, I believe that everyone can be an artist. I have learned more about materials, how they work, and how to manipulate them to make something that I could have never imagined or made purposely. I learned about happy accidents and I figured out that art is all about taking risks. You may fail greatly if you take a huge risk, but you will never greatly succeed if you don't take a huge risk, either.

The Next President Collage- Civil Rights

          In contrast to how I felt about my shoe drawing assignment, I was much less nervous about the nest president collage. I was firm in where I stood towards the candidates, and I had my whole project mapped out. Then I realized that my ideas might be outdated towards civil rights, and I also realized I was not as firm on my view as I thought I was. This project made me think much more than I expected, but honestly I appreciate what it did for me. I made a lot of mistakes (or things that I thought were mistakes) during this project, but there wasn't as much pressure as a drawing. If you messed up, you could cover it up easily, something I did quite a bit of. But in the end, I was happy with my final product and I think it is interesting to view and gets my ideas and opinions across artistically. Like I said in my last post, It isn't the best in the class, but it is unique to me and that makes it more impressive. 

My Shoe Drawing

                  I love art, all kinds of art too. I love looking at certain types more than I like actually executing, and drawing is one of those. I never felt that drawing was my strongest point. When I found out that we were drawing shoes, I was a little cautious. I had never tried to draw shoes before, and I thought my drawing skills were nothing special. With the help of my teacher, my table mates, and just the confidence that I could draw better than I believed, I managed to create artwork that I was proud of. I am happy with my final product, and even though it definitely was not the best drawing, it was the best I could do, and that's all I can ask for.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Welcome post!

Well this is something I never thought I would be doing! I love writing and reading, but I have never considered making a blog (especially not for art class!) I am very much looking forward to learning this year, and I'm sure that I will look back on this post at the end of the year and realize how much I've changed. It happens every year that I look at my work and pictures of myself at the beginning and I am staggered by how much I have changed. And that's okay with me, change is good. I have huge respect for the arts being performer myself, and I believe art is a performance in itself, and that is how I connect with it. This should be a fun and interesting year in art class, and hopefully I will learn something about myself in the process!